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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kink on Tap 7: Tom Allen

This Kink on Tap is kind of an extended addendum to our previous episode where we talk about and introduce the topic of sexual teasing and denial and chastity play. If you haven't listened to that episode already, I strongly urge you to do so.

The best part, however, is that Tom Allen from the Edge of Vanilla joined Eileen and I to talk about his personal experiences. Of course, the advantage of having someone on the phone is that you can ask personal qusetions and get immediate, personal responses.

There's no shortage of that in this converastion, where Tom shares a lot about his own reasons for enjoying chastity, the way in which this kind of sexual power play developed in the relationship with his (very blessed) wife, and of course why this kink in particular is often thought of as being very "vanilla." I couldn't help but share some of my own opinions and experiences as well, and Eileen does the same.

Lest you think that Tom's always this cerebral, however, don't forget about his super-hot chastity porn. My own fantasies tend to drift towards slightly more painful tastes, but that doesn't stop me from being the first to admit that I've sprung more than my fair share of hard-ons looking at Tom's stuff.

As always, I hope you enjoy this episode of Kink on Tap and invite your feedback of any kind (though especially regarding audio engineering) either as comments here or by emailing Have something you want to hear talked about or a story you want to share? Write to me at (and don't question why it's called viewer mail, 'cuz I wouldn't know what to tell you).


Bitchy Jones said...

Eek. this made me so happy. My two internet crushes! Together! And SaraEileen who I don't have a crush on so much as want to be her bestest friend forever. And maybe watch her poke my boyfriend with sharp things. Maybe. That's off the point. The point is, OMG, I am fangirling all three of you so hard it is actually painful.

w00t SE/TA/MM OT3!

tom allen said...

You? I was so giddy - it felt like I was being interviewed by a rock star! And to be placed up in the podcast pantheon with Beeeeeeej?

Geez, can my head get any bigger? My ego cup runneth over.

Ranai said...

Hello, Maymay, Eileen, Tom Allen. My first time commenting on this blog. I enjoyed listening to your conversation very much. Chastity and orgasm control aren't kinks I am very familiar with so far, and it was a great pleasure to hear about your experiences. I am looking forward to listening to previous Kink on Tap entries as well, at a later point. So yep, I can hear ya on this side of the pond on the European mainland too.

tom allen said...

Hey Ranai! We dont' see too many 67 year old women in these parts ;-)

I'm glad that you enjoyed the podcast. Please feel free to stop by and ask about orgasm control; Eileen and May are very qualified to answer any questions you might have.

I'm just here in a supervisory capacity. ;-)

Ranai said...

Thank you, Tom. It could be a kink we might grow more interested in, in the long term. 67? Ah yes, I read it on the internet, it must be true... ;-)

Jack said...

Ah - I actually have training in audio engineering laying mouldering and unused in the back of my head.
It's super out-of-date (I learned back when we used tape and stuff) and I haven't done anything with it for years. But I'd be happy to try to help.

maymay said...

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the offer of help! Ideally, what I need is a way to make it easy to record multiple voices, whether they be in-person or remote such as over Skype, at one time. I understand that for local participants this requires more microphones and a mixer, but I only have two mics and they are both USB mics and I have no mixer. For remote participants I can use software (and better computers), but the set up is confusing to me despite the tutorials that exist out there and I simply haven't had the time to dedicate to experimentation. If you could point me in the right direction or possibly help explain this kind of stuff to me, I'd appreciate it.

Please email me at to continue this dicussion if you'd like.

maymay said...

Ranai, thanks for commenting! It's great to know that the podcast is being listened to by an International crowd. Hey, if we ever get too America-centric for you, let me know, okay? :) Sometimes it's hard to remember that an International audience is about and that their views or issues may not be identical to our own.