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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kink on Tap 6: Sexual Teasing and Denial

In lieu of the fast-approaching Floating World convention, rather than do a Kink on Tap roundtable as I'm (trying) to do regularly, I thought this time I'd share some of the fun around for those of you unlucky enough not to be able to attend. SaraEileen and I are doing several presentations at the event, one of which is all about chastity play, orgasm control, and sexual teasing and denial.

We got the chance to go through much of our old notes on the topic (we've done similar presentations elsewhere before), update a few things, add some bits here and there, and thought we'd share a large part of the presentation with you in podcast form. So, if you're not going to be able to make Floating World, you'll at least still get the majority of the experience of at least this one class of our's.

I hope you enjoy the episode and, as usual, feel free to write me about it by emailing

Here are the list of resources and links I had compiled. By no means is this complete. And of course, Google is your friend.

  • Erotic sexual denial - Wikipedia

  • Chastity-UK - A British web site on the topic of chastity play that includes articles, user-submitted content, galleries, several very helpful FAQs geared to introducing and employing chastity in the context of relationships (of every sort), and more.

  • Lady-Jester - A site dedicated to contributions from wearers of the CB-2000, CB-3000, The Curve, and other male chastity devices and their female keyholders.

  • - A large web portal dedicated to orgasm denial, obviously, and filled mostly with submissive men and dominant women.

  • Chas' Sweet Chastity - Dedicated to female chastity under male dominance and also to male-to-female transvestitism while incorporating male chastity devices. This web site is also home to the infamous (and fictional) “Chasti-Permalock Corporation,” a webiverse of chastity stories about devices implemented with nanotechnology.

  • Chastity Yahoo Group - A huge and always growing collection of individuals who discuss various topics related to chastity and teasing and denial.

  • Prostate Information and Milking

  • Altarboy's Chastity Belt Web Site — has a section devoted to erotica, and a subsection within that devoted to female wearer/female keyholder stories, as discussed in the podcast.

  • Tantalism — this is an all inclusive community, though most participants discuss female denial.


tom allen said...

This web site is also home to the infamous (and fictional) “Chasti-Permalock Corporation,”

I'm glad to see that you put the disclaimer in there; I swear, isn't there an operation or a pill for people who think that this, along with The Onion and Landover Baptist Church are real?

And what's up with Blogger? They changed my linky things.

maymay said...

:) Hey, I had a moment of panic when I thought that the Landover Baptist Church was possibly, even remotely possibly real. Because hey, I wouldn't put it past the crazy religious types to actually believe in that stuff!

Also, Blogger accepts relative URLs but treats them as relative to blogger, naturally. For an absolute URI, you must include the protocol part. (Blogger rejects the more natural // URI in favor of for some reason.)

So you probably wanted to link to The Onion and to Landover Baptist Church, yes?

Crown Vic said...

Thanks for posting that and being so open. It's nice to hear the subject discussed easily like that. Like you were talking about home renovations but it's more interesting.

Orgasm denial is frightening to me since orgasms sometimes seem like my only source of endorphins.

P.S. Sounds like Eileen still has her summer cold.

Eileen said...

Crown Vic-

I do still have it. I was losing my voice in this one, actually. But it's back now.
Thanks for asking.

maymay said...

Crown Vic:

Orgasm denial is one thing, sexual teasing and control is quite another. Many people who play with chastity and T&D games do so in very short-term scenes and they use them in order to enhance all the orgasms they get, not necessarily to reduce their quantity, such as what the taoist orgasm continence practitioners would do.

To each their own. This is just a tool. :)

Thanks for listening!

Bitchy Jones said...

Actually, I have a question:

Wet dreams?

Thank you

maymay said...

"Actually, I have a question: Wet dreams?"

Good question! So, the short of it is that I've never, in my entire life, had a wet dream. Not even during the time I spent masturbating for a good half hour nightly for 27 days while being denied an orgasm. It just didn't happen. A lot of things I've read about it does seem to indicate that a wet dream is largely a part of one's own biology but doesn't typically happen for at least an extended period of time. But again, "extended" is indivdual. I've read some postings from men who say they can go months with no such experience, and others who say a wet dream occurs maybe at the month mark.

The bottom line is that a wet dream is the body's own "milking" method. I think wet dreams shouldn't necessarily be discouraged, but if in your play you want to avoid them, you can find out at about what points they occur and schedule prostatic milking sessions slightly before those points. A man who has a wet dream about once a month should maybe have three weeks go by between milkings, for instance.

But this is hardly medical advice and is certainly only even appropriate after learning one's own anatomy very well. Again, I've never even had a wet dream, so I'm not very able to speak of them from personal experience. As always, Wikipedia does seem to have reliably accurate information.

It has been suggested by some that it is possible to simply deny orgasm until a wet dream occurs, but like most things, I take that advice with a grain of salt. For, um, more reasons than one, you understand.

Bitchy Jones said...


I've never done orgasm denial for more than about five days - but I've always had an interest in longer term things...

Karin said...

You might also want to take a look at the following 2 sites:

I am one of the authors of those sites and we put a lot of hard work into them. Every comment is welcome :).