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Friday, July 13, 2007

(Off Topic) Meme: Random Seven

I need the excuse, so even though I don't really get meme's, since Mistress 160 tagged me, I might as well play along. Besides, I wouldn't say no to her anyway.

Seven random facts about me:

  1. I have only 1 scar, even though I should probably have a lot more considering the things I put my skin through. It's through my left eyebrow.

  2. For most of my teen years, I took medication to treat bipolar disorder.

  3. At one point in my life I had gained a little over 60 pounds in 60 days.

  4. I not-so-secretly want to be tied up with ethernet cabling. Preferably a CAT 6 cable, but CAT 5 will do in a pinch.

  5. I've never held a "real job" for more than 13 consecutive months.

  6. I've presented on a number of kink-related topics at TES, CV, and will soon also do so at Floating World

  7. I was once an audience plant in a play where all the actors, myself included, performed naked.

I know exactly who I'll tag with this one:

Here is the obligatory part of the meme:

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog post with their 7 things as well as these rules. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Remember to leave a comment for them letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Oh and random fact number 8: yes, I am totally a "player."


Eileen said...

Hey beauty -
Why a CAT6 cable instead of a CAT5 cable? I ask strictly for curiosity's sake, you understand.

Bitchy Jones said...

I love eyebrow scars.

For serious. It's one of those weird kinks I file under misc.

maymay said...

CAT 6 cable is faster, it supports gigabit speeds and is generally the fastest consumer-grade ethernet cable available today. I have no idea why that seems sexier to me than 100 Mb CAT 5 cable, except that the thought of all those bits streaming by is somehow arousing. Did I ever tell you that I sometimes get turned on by watching the LED lights on routers? Well, I do. Mmm…data….

Of course, any serious bondage would probably wreck the cable, so it's something I'd have to dedicate a cable for. Crunching the wires is generally not very good for the cable.

Eileen said...

You are so cute it kind of makes me want to die.

I think you should send a picture of your sexy eyebrow scar to Bitchy. That's a totally random example of weird random compatability that I find delightful.

Darkness in the Attic said...

when i read this earlier, i almost made a joke about it being because of the speeds. seems i would have been right.
i have a crapton of unknown untested heavily used cable, all cat5, so there is a possiblity i can arrange for it to find its way to you

maymay said...

:) I also have a ton of cable, darkness, but thanks for the offer. Not that I couldn't use more bondage purposes, though.

tom allen said...

May, didjoo change your blog header? In my Seamonkey tab it shows up as < a href=//maybe...etc. Like, what's the HTML doing up there?

Oh, and I did the questions, of course - who could say "no" to you?

Tyler said...

Damn, got here too late. I was going to offer you a good bit of CAT 5, but alas it seems that that would be redundant now.

Although, you have awakened in me a new desire to photograph ethernet cable bondage.. with both ends plugged in. Weirdly, geekily, hot. I bet my boss would love it.

maymay said...

Oh my god Tyler, could you, like, photograph me? :D (No, seriously. Don't laugh.)

Mistress160 said...

Thank you maymay, I'm not really into the meme thing either, but I think we both coped well!

Ms160s Abode

maymay said...

Thanks for tagging me, Ms 160. :)