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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pride and Marks and Marks of Pride

I was going to say a lot more, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This year's march was much like the one from 2005, above, except this time I was in chains and jeans instead of ropes and khakis. Happy Pride. :)

Oh hey, guess what? A friend of mine pointed me to some more photos of myself and Eileen from around the web that she found. Here's another, of the parade a few days ago, taken when Eileen and I were taking a short break from all the whip cracking for a sip of water and diet coke:

And hey, yet more pictures are cropping up. Here's another of my back this year:

Okay, I know I keep updating this entry with more links to photos, but that's 'cuz they keep appearing. Here is a gallery with a number of additional photos of me and Eileen. Enjoy. :)


Viviane said...

Happy pride, indeed.

Myles said...

very very nice... beautiful marks. thank you for sharing!

BJ said...

I like your belt

Mistress160 said...

Lovely pix!

(couldn't make those last links work, thought)

Ms160s Abode

maymay said...

Looks like the final gallery changed their links around. Oh well. Thanks the compliments.

tom allen said...

Dude, has your skin ever seen daylight? Like, in person and not rendered, I mean.

maymay said...

lol, Tom! Daylight? What is this thing you speak of?

M.T. said...

Dang, you're pretty. I wanna mark someone up like that!

maymay said...

"Dang, you're pretty. I wanna mark someone up like that!"

::blush:: Thanks….

The marks had faded a bit by the time the parade rolled around, which is too bad. Some of the remarks I got with even faded marks were hilarious. I would have loved to hear the remarks I might have gotten with fresh ones.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Those are gorgeous marks - I am quite envious and really wanting to get myself marked up again now!

xx Dee